Concordance for adjective vehicular


The page lists top contexts for adjective vehicular and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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26.54%  vehicular [domain related] system
6.84%  vehicular [domain related] engine
5.07%  vehicular [domain related] device
4.40%  vehicular [domain related] wheel
4.35%  vehicular [domain related] apparatus
3.65%  vehicular [domain related] speed
3.25%  vehicular [domain related] brake
3.17%  vehicular [domain related] body
2.21%  vehicular [domain related] transmission
2.20%  vehicular [domain related] section
1.96%  vehicular [domain related] assembly
1.66%  vehicular [domain related] controller
1.48%  vehicular [domain related] distance
1.46%  vehicular [domain related] attitude
1.35%  vehicular [domain related] velocity
1.29%  vehicular [domain related] battery
1.28%  vehicular [domain related] shoe
1.24%  vehicular [domain related] application
1.15%  vehicular [domain related] control
1.08%  vehicular [domain related] vife
1.05%  vehicular [domain related] mechanism
1.02%  vehicular [domain related] surface
1.01%  vehicular [domain related] compartment
0.98%  vehicular [domain related] operation
0.95%  vehicular [domain related] sensor
0.93%  vehicular [domain related] detector
0.88%  vehicular [domain related] unit
0.81%  vehicular [domain related] deceleration
0.81%  vehicular [domain related] frame
0.81%  vehicular [domain related] powertrain
0.81%  vehicular [domain related] roll
0.76%  vehicular [domain related] installation
0.70%  vehicular [domain related] load
0.67%  vehicular [domain related] means
0.64%  vehicular [domain related] stability
0.60%  vehicular [domain related] impact
0.60%  vehicular [domain related] piston
0.55%  vehicular [domain related] condition
0.55%  vehicular [domain related] technology
0.54%  vehicular [domain related] column
0.53%  vehicular [domain related] braking
0.52%  vehicular [domain related] instrument
0.50%  vehicular [domain related] tank
0.47%  vehicular [domain related] use
0.47%  vehicular [domain related] suspension
0.43%  vehicular [domain related] cell
0.41%  vehicular [domain related] beam
0.41%  vehicular [domain related] intensity
0.40%  vehicular [domain related] behavior
0.40%  vehicular [domain related] collision
0.40%  vehicular [domain related] motion
0.40%  vehicular [domain related] situation
0.40%  vehicular [domain related] change
0.39%  vehicular [domain related] equipment
0.37%  vehicular [domain related] alarm
0.35%  vehicular [domain related] voltage
0.35%  vehicular [domain related] movement
0.33%  vehicular [domain related] member
0.32%  vehicular [domain related] characteristic
0.29%  vehicular [domain related] signal
0.26%  vehicular [domain related] switch


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