Concordance for adjective technical


The page lists top contexts for adjective technical and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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56.58%  technical [domain related] field
9.16%  technical [domain related] series
4.37%  technical [domain related] disclosure
4.06%  technical [domain related] paper
3.68%  technical [domain related] problem
2.03%  technical [domain related] bulletin
1.76%  technical [domain related] advantage
1.56%  technical [domain related] expenditure
1.35%  technical [domain related] concept
1.05%  technical [domain related] background
1.05%  technical [domain related] brochure
1.04%  technical [domain related] solution
0.90%  technical [domain related] difficulty
0.90%  technical [domain related] literature
0.90%  technical [domain related] publication
0.77%  technical [domain related] advance
0.75%  technical [domain related] outlay
0.75%  technical [domain related] service
0.71%  technical [domain related] equivalent
0.65%  technical [domain related] reason
0.65%  technical [domain related] significance
0.63%  technical [domain related] means
0.60%  technical [domain related] report
0.54%  technical [domain related] requirement
0.52%  technical [domain related] manual
0.52%  technical [domain related] pentaerythritol
0.45%  technical [domain related] idea
0.45%  technical [domain related] scope
0.41%  technical [domain related] art
0.37%  technical [domain related] device
0.35%  technical [domain related] feature
0.33%  technical [domain related] term


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