Concordance for adjective physical


The page lists top contexts for adjective physical and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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10.95%  physical [domain related] quantity
8.33%  physical [domain related] property
6.09%  physical [domain related] amount
6.06%  physical [domain related] characteristic
5.90%  physical [domain related] size
5.58%  physical [domain related] parameter
4.15%  physical [domain related] model
3.23%  physical [domain related] contact
2.47%  physical [domain related] embodiment
2.14%  physical [domain related] dimension
1.99%  physical [domain related] disorder
1.73%  physical [domain related] form
1.72%  physical [domain related] condition
1.71%  physical [domain related] strength
1.66%  physical [domain related] structure
1.58%  physical [domain related] force
1.36%  physical [domain related] value
1.20%  physical [domain related] mixture
1.19%  physical [domain related] limitation
1.14%  physical [domain related] process
1.14%  physical [domain related] connection
1.11%  physical [domain related] maneuver
1.11%  physical [domain related] system
1.07%  physical [domain related] separation
1.07%  physical [domain related] circuit
1.04%  physical [domain related] arrangement
0.97%  physical [domain related] delay
0.97%  physical [domain related] location
0.95%  physical [domain related] principle
0.95%  physical [domain related] change
0.90%  physical [domain related] effort
0.87%  physical [domain related] constraint
0.83%  physical [domain related] chemistry
0.82%  physical [domain related] position
0.79%  physical [domain related] damage
0.76%  physical [domain related] construction
0.76%  physical [domain related] design
0.71%  physical [domain related] relationship
0.69%  physical [domain related] attitude
0.69%  physical [domain related] nature
0.63%  physical [domain related] barrier
0.63%  physical [domain related] presence
0.63%  physical [domain related] restraint
0.63%  physical [domain related] feature
0.62%  physical [domain related] interference
0.62%  physical [domain related] movement
0.55%  physical [domain related] displacement
0.55%  physical [domain related] proximity
0.52%  physical [domain related] configuration
0.52%  physical [domain related] requirement
0.49%  physical [domain related] means
0.48%  physical [domain related] modification
0.47%  physical [domain related] coefficient
0.47%  physical [domain related] phenomenon
0.47%  physical [domain related] reference
0.45%  physical [domain related] problem
0.41%  physical [domain related] component
0.41%  physical [domain related] limit
0.41%  physical [domain related] space
0.38%  physical [domain related] demand
0.35%  physical [domain related] load
0.31%  physical [domain related] element
0.28%  physical [domain related] unit


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