Concordance for adjective optical


The page lists top contexts for adjective optical and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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16.18%  optical [domain related] fiber
12.75%  optical [domain related] sensor
7.09%  optical [domain related] element
4.91%  optical [domain related] device
4.15%  optical [domain related] detector
3.63%  optical [domain related] path
3.42%  optical [domain related] encoder
3.42%  optical [domain related] waveguide
3.34%  optical [domain related] joint
2.87%  optical [domain related] apparatus
2.67%  optical [domain related] signal
2.65%  optical [domain related] coupler
2.48%  optical [domain related] means
1.79%  optical [domain related] guide
1.79%  optical [domain related] scanner
1.76%  optical [domain related] axis
1.57%  optical [domain related] system
1.56%  optical [domain related] assembly
1.53%  optical [domain related] pathway
1.22%  optical [domain related] conductor
1.19%  optical [domain related] passage
1.19%  optical [domain related] radiation
1.11%  optical [domain related] receiver
1.11%  optical [domain related] cavity
1.10%  optical [domain related] property
1.02%  optical [domain related] unit
0.96%  optical [domain related] beam
0.94%  optical [domain related] switch
0.89%  optical [domain related] fibre
0.81%  optical [domain related] coupling
0.81%  optical [domain related] transmitter
0.72%  optical [domain related] source
0.66%  optical [domain related] wheel
0.59%  optical [domain related] isolator
0.57%  optical [domain related] type
0.51%  optical [domain related] alignment
0.51%  optical [domain related] shutter
0.51%  optical [domain related] window
0.51%  optical [domain related] energy
0.47%  optical [domain related] center
0.44%  optical [domain related] angle
0.44%  optical [domain related] emitter
0.44%  optical [domain related] indicator
0.40%  optical [domain related] communication
0.40%  optical [domain related] output
0.34%  optical [domain related] characteristic
0.33%  optical [domain related] component


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