Concordance for adjective marine


The page lists top contexts for adjective marine and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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24.90%  marine [domain related] engine
11.41%  marine [domain related] system
7.96%  marine [domain related] drive
7.91%  marine [domain related] device
4.77%  marine [domain related] craft
4.43%  marine [domain related] vessel
3.95%  marine [domain related] corporation
3.91%  marine [domain related] installation
3.61%  marine [domain related] application
3.53%  marine [domain related] unit
3.29%  marine [domain related] environment
2.12%  marine [domain related] operation
1.97%  marine [domain related] mode
1.95%  marine [domain related] helm
1.55%  marine [domain related] motor
1.45%  marine [domain related] oil
1.34%  marine [domain related] propulsion
1.10%  marine [domain related] turbine
1.09%  marine [domain related] configuration
0.95%  marine [domain related] use
0.86%  marine [domain related] means
0.80%  marine [domain related] vehicle
0.80%  marine [domain related] adhesive
0.73%  marine [domain related] exploder
0.57%  marine [domain related] fuel
0.55%  marine [domain related] tank
0.50%  marine [domain related] pump
0.46%  marine [domain related] assembly
0.41%  marine [domain related] part
0.35%  marine [domain related] block
0.35%  marine [domain related] industry
0.30%  marine [domain related] transmission


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