Concordance for adjective manufacturing


The page lists top contexts for adjective manufacturing and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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35.17%  manufacturing [domain related] cost
27.27%  manufacturing [domain related] tolerance
4.70%  manufacturing [domain related] process
3.54%  manufacturing [domain related] technique
3.17%  manufacturing [domain related] step
3.04%  manufacturing [domain related] company
3.02%  manufacturing [domain related] method
2.58%  manufacturing [domain related] variation
2.26%  manufacturing [domain related] error
1.20%  manufacturing [domain related] efficiency
1.19%  manufacturing [domain related] expense
1.18%  manufacturing [domain related] enterprise
1.12%  manufacturing [domain related] effort
1.07%  manufacturing [domain related] economy
1.04%  manufacturing [domain related] corporation
1.04%  manufacturing [domain related] technology
0.96%  manufacturing [domain related] inaccuracy
0.76%  manufacturing [domain related] advantage
0.75%  manufacturing [domain related] time
0.68%  manufacturing [domain related] operation
0.64%  manufacturing [domain related] variance
0.59%  manufacturing [domain related] reason
0.56%  manufacturing [domain related] equipment
0.56%  manufacturing [domain related] industry
0.56%  manufacturing [domain related] consideration
0.53%  manufacturing [domain related] problem
0.42%  manufacturing [domain related] requirement
0.28%  close [location] manufacturing


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