Concordance for adjective industrial


The page lists top contexts for adjective industrial and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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26.48%  industrial [domain related] applicability
9.87%  industrial [domain related] vehicle
9.70%  industrial [domain related] truck
5.55%  industrial [domain related] application
5.34%  industrial [domain related] engine
3.72%  industrial [domain related] oil
2.86%  industrial [domain related] process
2.54%  industrial [domain related] turbine
2.43%  industrial [domain related] chemistry
2.41%  industrial [domain related] use
2.01%  industrial [domain related] furnace
1.98%  industrial [domain related] field
1.85%  industrial [domain related] equipment
1.80%  industrial [domain related] building
1.80%  industrial [domain related] standard
1.72%  industrial [domain related] machine
1.48%  industrial [domain related] plant
1.48%  industrial [domain related] tractor
1.46%  industrial [domain related] practice
1.32%  industrial [domain related] apparatus
1.22%  industrial [domain related] burner
1.22%  industrial [domain related] institute
1.09%  industrial [domain related] scale
1.06%  industrial [domain related] product
0.99%  industrial [domain related] brake
0.97%  industrial [domain related] robot
0.84%  industrial [domain related] significance
0.81%  industrial [domain related] company
0.73%  industrial [domain related] electronics
0.73%  industrial [domain related] machinery
0.73%  industrial [domain related] utilization
0.63%  industrial [domain related] purpose
0.63%  industrial [domain related] filter
0.40%  industrial [domain related] device


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