Concordance for adjective electronic


The page lists top contexts for adjective electronic and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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25.82%  electronic [domain related] unit
11.22%  electronic [domain related] system
7.60%  electronic [domain related] controller
7.04%  electronic [domain related] circuit
5.71%  electronic [domain related] control
4.92%  electronic [domain related] module
4.91%  electronic [domain related] device
4.06%  electronic [domain related] means
2.23%  electronic [domain related] ecu
1.92%  electronic [domain related] switch
1.73%  electronic [domain related] signal
1.57%  electronic [domain related] valve
1.41%  electronic [domain related] circuitry
1.34%  electronic [domain related] apparatus
1.32%  electronic [domain related] component
1.21%  electronic [domain related] injector
0.89%  electronic [domain related] key
0.65%  electronic [domain related] computer
0.56%  electronic [domain related] ignition
0.47%  electronic [domain related] regulator
0.46%  electronic [domain related] injection
0.45%  electronic [domain related] sensor
0.43%  electronic [domain related] governor
0.42%  electronic [domain related] package
0.39%  electronic [domain related] code
0.32%  electronic [domain related] engine
0.32%  electronic [domain related] processor
0.30%  electronic [domain related] fuel
0.28%  electronic [domain related] driver
0.28%  electronic [domain related] element
0.27%  electronic [domain related] meter
0.27%  electronic [domain related] distribution
0.24%  electronic [domain related] bus
0.24%  electronic [domain related] type
0.23%  electronic [domain related] equipment
0.22%  electronic [domain related] assembly
0.21%  electronic [domain related] dipstick
0.21%  electronic [domain related] communication
0.20%  electronic [domain related] timer
0.20%  electronic [domain related] simulator
0.17%  electronic [domain related] shifter
0.17%  electronic [domain related] distributor
0.15%  electronic [domain related] board
0.15%  electronic [domain related] logic
0.15%  electronic [domain related] memory
0.15%  electronic [domain related] sub-system
0.14%  electronic [domain related] application
0.14%  electronic [domain related] portion
0.13%  electronic [domain related] advance
0.13%  electronic [domain related] analyzing
0.13%  electronic [domain related] pump
0.12%  electronic [domain related] stage
0.12%  electronic [domain related] motor
0.12%  electronic [domain related] sub-assembly
0.11%  electronic [domain related] box
0.10%  electronic [domain related] pulse
0.10%  electronic [domain related] keypad
0.10%  electronic [domain related] lock
0.10%  electronic [domain related] throttle
0.10%  electronic [domain related] timing
0.09%  electronic [domain related] processing
0.09%  electronic [domain related] method
0.09%  electronic [domain related] function
0.09%  electronic [domain related] arrangement
0.09%  electronic [domain related] command
0.09%  electronic [domain related] network
0.09%  electronic [domain related] regulating
0.09%  electronic [domain related] appliance
0.09%  electronic [domain related] technology
0.08%  electronic [domain related] mechanism
0.08%  electronic [domain related] analyzer
0.08%  electronic [domain related] microprocessor
0.08%  electronic [domain related] actuator
0.08%  electronic [domain related] design
0.08%  electronic [domain related] section
0.08%  electronic [domain related] diagram
0.07%  electronic [domain related] adjustment
0.07%  electronic [domain related] counter
0.07%  electronic [domain related] emergency
0.07%  electronic [domain related] set
0.07%  electronic [domain related] operation
0.07%  electronic [domain related] display
0.07%  electronic [domain related] braking
0.07%  electronic [domain related] failure
0.07%  electronic [domain related] integrator
0.07%  electronic [domain related] typewriter
0.07%  electronic [domain related] source
0.06%  electronic [domain related] relay
0.06%  electronic [domain related] carburetor
0.06%  electronic [domain related] carburettor
0.06%  electronic [domain related] monitoring
0.06%  electronic [domain related] generator
0.06%  electronic [domain related] part
0.06%  electronic [domain related] configuration
0.05%  electronic [domain related] beeper
0.05%  electronic [domain related] table
0.05%  electronic [domain related] train
0.05%  electronic [domain related] variator
0.05%  electronic [domain related] art
0.05%  electronic [domain related] input
0.05%  electronic [domain related] solenoid
0.05%  electronic [domain related] transmitter
0.05%  electronic [domain related] amount
0.05%  electronic [domain related] monitor
0.05%  electronic [domain related] information
0.05%  electronic [domain related] fuel-injection
0.05%  electronic [domain related] instrumentation
0.05%  electronic [domain related] pedal
0.05%  electronic [domain related] sequence
0.05%  electronic [domain related] tachometer
0.05%  electronic [domain related] timepiece
0.04%  electronic [domain related] filter
0.04%  electronic [domain related] pad
0.04%  electronic [domain related] path
0.04%  electronic [domain related] housing
0.04%  electronic [domain related] regulation
0.04%  electronic [domain related] technique
0.04%  electronic [domain related] chip
0.04%  electronic [domain related] datum
0.04%  electronic [domain related] diode
0.04%  electronic [domain related] loop
0.04%  electronic [domain related] plasma
0.04%  electronic [domain related] spke
0.04%  electronic [domain related] trigger
0.03%  electronic [domain related] demand
0.03%  electronic [domain related] transducer
0.03%  electronic [domain related] line
0.03%  electronic [domain related] activation
0.03%  electronic [domain related] emitter
0.03%  electronic [domain related] simulation
0.03%  electronic [domain related] alarm
0.03%  electronic [domain related] discharge
0.03%  electronic [domain related] speed
0.02%  electronic [domain related] brake
0.02%  fully electronic


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