Concordance for adjective electrochemical


The page lists top contexts for adjective electrochemical and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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36.10%  electrochemical [domain related] cell
23.17%  electrochemical [domain related] reaction
18.12%  electrochemical [domain related] stack
4.72%  electrochemical [domain related] assembly
3.88%  electrochemical [domain related] device
2.98%  electrochemical [domain related] storage
2.10%  electrochemical [domain related] machining
2.05%  electrochemical [domain related] oxidation
1.49%  electrochemical [domain related] apparatus
1.45%  electrochemical [domain related] reactant
1.12%  electrochemical [domain related] reactor
0.97%  electrochemical [domain related] process
0.97%  electrochemical [domain related] combustion
0.80%  electrochemical [domain related] sensor


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