Concordance for adjective electric


The page lists top contexts for adjective electric and their percentages (as applied to automotive subject domain).

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32.55%  electric [domain related] motor
7.15%  electric [domain related] current
6.68%  electric [domain related] signal
5.15%  electric [domain related] power
4.09%  electric [domain related] apparatus
2.76%  electric [domain related] system
2.66%  electric [domain related] pump
2.49%  electric [domain related] circuit
2.16%  electric [domain related] means
1.61%  electric [domain related] device
1.29%  electric [domain related] energy
1.20%  electric [domain related] actuator
1.19%  electric [domain related] source
1.04%  electric [domain related] heater
1.04%  electric [domain related] field
1.01%  electric [domain related] vehicle
0.93%  electric [domain related] unit
0.91%  electric [domain related] brake
0.81%  electric [domain related] resistance
0.79%  electric [domain related] switch
0.73%  electric [domain related] spark
0.62%  electric [domain related] wire
0.62%  electric [domain related] line
0.60%  electric [domain related] fan
0.59%  electric [domain related] element
0.59%  electric [domain related] car
0.58%  electric [domain related] terminal
0.57%  electric [domain related] control
0.57%  electric [domain related] voltage
0.54%  electric [domain related] generator
0.51%  electric [domain related] valve
0.51%  electric [domain related] supply
0.51%  electric [domain related] connection
0.47%  electric [domain related] conductor
0.47%  electric [domain related] charge
0.40%  electric [domain related] automobile
0.40%  electric [domain related] potential
0.35%  electric [domain related] controller
0.34%  electric [domain related] flowing
0.34%  electric [domain related] pulse
0.32%  electric [domain related] drive
0.31%  electric [domain related] diagram
0.30%  electric [domain related] contact
0.29%  electric [domain related] discharge
0.29%  electric [domain related] mechanism
0.26%  electric [domain related] assembly
0.25%  electric [domain related] solenoid
0.25%  electric [domain related] connector
0.23%  electric [domain related] company
0.23%  electric [domain related] conductivity
0.22%  electric [domain related] starter
0.20%  electric [domain related] portion
0.20%  electric [domain related] coil
0.19%  electric [domain related] igniter
0.18%  electric [domain related] output
0.18%  electric [domain related] appliance
0.18%  electric [domain related] circuitry
0.17%  electric [domain related] assist
0.17%  electric [domain related] cable
0.17%  electric [domain related] value
0.16%  electric [domain related] servomotor
0.15%  electric [domain related] strength
0.14%  electric [domain related] load
0.14%  electric [domain related] toilet
0.13%  electric [domain related] torque
0.13%  electric [domain related] flow
0.13%  electric [domain related] consumption
0.12%  electric [domain related] corporation
0.12%  electric [domain related] ignition
0.12%  electric [domain related] point
0.12%  electric [domain related] sensor
0.11%  electric [domain related] arrangement
0.11%  electric [domain related] continuity
0.11%  electric [domain related] representative
0.10%  electric [domain related] path
0.10%  electric [domain related] arc
0.10%  electric [domain related] conduction
0.10%  electric [domain related] industry
0.10%  electric [domain related] force
0.10%  electric [domain related] ip
0.10%  electric [domain related] wheel-chair
0.10%  electric [domain related] lead
0.09%  electric [domain related] plug
0.09%  electric [domain related] magnet
0.08%  electric [domain related] gear
0.08%  electric [domain related] part
0.08%  electric [domain related] type
0.08%  electric [domain related] bulb
0.08%  electric [domain related] refrigerator
0.07%  electric [domain related] battery
0.07%  electric [domain related] block
0.07%  electric [domain related] im
0.07%  electric [domain related] brush
0.07%  electric [domain related] wiring
0.07%  electric [domain related] characteristic
0.07%  electric [domain related] wave
0.07%  electric [domain related] engine
0.07%  electric [domain related] propulsion
0.07%  electric [domain related] section
0.06%  electric [domain related] passing
0.06%  electric [domain related] component
0.06%  electric [domain related] compass
0.06%  electric [domain related] braking
0.06%  electric [domain related] transducer
0.06%  electric [domain related] tool
0.06%  electric [domain related] accessory
0.06%  electric [domain related] rate
0.06%  electric [domain related] failure
0.06%  electric [domain related] material
0.05%  electric [domain related] resistor
0.05%  electric [domain related] blower
0.05%  electric [domain related] light
0.05%  electric [domain related] mantle
0.05%  electric [domain related] box
0.05%  electric [domain related] actuation
0.05%  electric [domain related] gap
0.05%  electric [domain related] horn
0.05%  electric [domain related] raiser
0.05%  electric [domain related] starting
0.05%  electric [domain related] input
0.05%  electric [domain related] door
0.04%  electric [domain related] equipment
0.04%  electric [domain related] heating
0.04%  electric [domain related] rod
0.04%  electric [domain related] property
0.04%  electric [domain related] dm
0.04%  electric [domain related] latch
0.04%  electric [domain related] method
0.04%  electric [domain related] shock
0.04%  electric [domain related] winding
0.04%  electric [domain related] module
0.04%  electric [domain related] chamber
0.04%  electric [domain related] servo-motor
0.04%  electric [domain related] steering
0.04%  electric [domain related] sw
0.03%  electric [domain related] truck
0.03%  electric [domain related] cord
0.03%  electric [domain related] noise
0.03%  electric [domain related] mower
0.03%  electric [domain related] rh
0.03%  electric [domain related] generation
0.03%  electric [domain related] intensity
0.03%  electric [domain related] fuel
0.03%  electric [domain related] base
0.03%  electric [domain related] clutch
0.03%  electric [domain related] ec
0.03%  electric [domain related] erg
0.03%  electric [domain related] operator
0.03%  electric [domain related] rail
0.03%  electric [domain related] insulation
0.02%  electric [domain related] conduit


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