Matched context for tap and drill


The page lists matched contexts for tap and drill.

Share - tapShare - drill  Phrase
6.04%24.16%  {tap or drill} hole [perform operation]
6.14%12.85%  {tap or drill} passage [perform operation]
6.15%12.37%  {tap or drill} bore [perform operation]
2.17%3.05%  {tap or drill} port [perform operation]
2.86%1.83%  {tap or drill} opening [perform operation]
2.24%1.77%  end [location] {tap or drill}
1.71%1.19%  {tap or drill} modal can
2.27%0.99%  {tap or drill} modal may
2.13%0.66%  {tap or drill} end [perform operation]


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