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Below are the most frequent terms in automotive. Also you may use search to locate a required term.

combustion chamber
combustion engine
master cylinder
control valve
air-fuel ratio
fuel system
brake system
spark plug
control system
fuel tank
wheel cylinder
pressure chamber
control unit
brake pedal
valve member
control means
cylinder head
brake shoe
engine speed
brake cylinder
fuel pump
fuel injector
valve seat
valve means
output signal
fuel valve
injection valve
ignition system
air-fuel mixture
check valve
brake assembly
search field
brake fluid
injection system
injection nozzle
fuel injection
throttle valve
ignition coil
brake pressure
flow rate
fuel line
cylinder block
solenoid valve
wheel brake
valve body
fuel flow
control signal
pressure valve
control device
fuel means
control circuit
oxygen sensor
fuel pressure
motor vehicle
brake pad
vehicle speed
intake passage
engine operation
fuel nozzle
fuel passage
intake valve
inlet port
intake port
engine system
suspension system
supply system
vehicle system
valve assembly
fuel amount
intake manifold
brake circuit
control apparatus
brake booster
valve element
fuel quantity
injection pump
vehicle wheel
engine cylinder
fuel supply
amount fuel
outlet port
fuel mixture
air flow
engine condition
fuel delivery
ignition switch
diesel engine
ratio sensor
time period
mixture ratio
fuel vapor
cylinder bore
cylinder pressure
output shaft
brake line
engine block
inlet valve
supply line
spring force
feedback control
power system
pressure source
air-fuel sensor
pressure sensor
fuel device
rocker arm
power source
fuel chamber
backing plate
ignition timing
vehicle body
air passage
piston rod
brake drum
torsion bar
return line
input shaft
support member
flow valve
compression stroke
speed sensor
oil pan
carbon atom
push rod
ratio control
return spring
compression spring
pressure regulator
block diagram
drive shaft
cylinder chamber
engine temperature
flow path
pressure means
valve opening
correction coefficient
pressure pump
pressure line
supply means
disc brake
input terminal
coil spring
temperature sensor
injection quantity
engine load
brake device
oil passage
brake disc
control piston
injection amount
passage means
type engine
nozzle body
valve device
intake air
control chamber
power piston
brake unit
pump chamber
ignition device
diesel fuel
fuel cell
valve chamber
brake mechanism
flow chart
pressure device
fuel rate
pressure fluid
disc assembly
fuel apparatus
needle valve


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